Savant is the latest company to release an update to its app that will be specifically tailored to the upcoming Apple Watch.

The revamped home automation app will allow homeowners with a Savant home automation system to access and activate "scenes" they've created directly from the Watch, similarly to the widgets for the iPhone and iPad. This might include powering down all lights and entertainment systems in the Bedtime scene, or activating the whole-home music and mood lighting for the Party scene. Savant customers can also view quick snapshots of relevant information on the Watch's screen through the new app, such as the temperature, lighting, security, or AV usage.

Brad Middleton, Brand Manager for Savant at Evolution Home Entertainment Corp., Savant's Canadian distributor, says that a future release will also incorporate notifications that the homeowner can create directly from the Savant app. And, he adds, there are many more additional coming for the Watch that can't yet be revealed.

"As the premium luxury provider of control and integration in the world today," says Middleton, "it was important for us to be able to provide the solution out of the gate. This allows our Savant dealers to position themselves as leaders with their clients, builders, designers, and architects... The Apple Watch demographic is the Savant demographic. These customers are our customers."

The Apple Watch, Apple's first stab at a smartwatch, will launch this Friday, April 24. It can only be purchased online, and is currently available for pre-order. Customers can also set up an appointment to touch and feel one at an Apple Store, and get a demo, prior to deciding to fork over the dough for one of the devices.

Several sources estimate that Apple has already sold more than 2.3 million Watches in its pre-order phase. According to Slice Intelligence, upwards of a million of those were sold on just the first day that pre-orders became available. Slice reports that the average purchase price per person was $503.83, which means most people opted for the cheapest band. Seventy-one per cent selected the largest 42 mm casing. Pricing ranges from $449 all the way up to $15,500 for the Edition version with a 18-Carat rose gold case. Many expect that while the official launch date is April 24, many pre-orders won't ship out until after that date.