Restaurateurs have long recognized that music, climate and lighting plays an important part in providing ambiance that can elevate their guests' experience. Dimming the lights to just the right level, adjusting the temperature for comfort and playing music that is lively yet not overpowering is hard to achieve at exactly the right time. Couple this with a continuing thirst for larger screens and better picture quality along with the complexities of training staff to navigate through 900+ channels to find the "Big Game" and you have a very stressful situation to manage. This is a major distraction for restaurateurs and their teams and takes away from their ability to look after their patrons.

The solution? Design and integrate a commercial automation system that controls climate, lighting, security, audio and visual all within a very simple to use, intuitive, control interface. What should be simple tasks like changing the channel once again become exactly that, simple.

Sound Designs is well known for being one of the premiere home theatre and automation integrators for some of the most prestigious homes in Canada.  The same immaculate workmanship and expert designs can also be found in top restaurants across Toronto and Canada.  Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants, Boston Pizza, Pickle Barrel, Mill St. Brew Pub, Against The Grain Tavern, Brazenhad Irish Pub, OhOriginalHotDogs, Crabby Joe's Tap & Grill, Blast Event Space, Bar Vespa and many other leading restaurant and hospitality companies have trusted Sound Designs to create an automation design that is aesthetically pleasing, reliable and user-friendly.

The team at Sound Designs works with clients from the planning stages of a new build or renovation to ensure seamless integration with the design of the space. The end result a great A/V experience that both patrons, staff and management will all be pleased with.